New Jersey Dental Malpractice Attorneys

For many people, trips to the dentist are not pleasant experiences. However, in some unfortunate cases, the results of a dental procedure go far beyond mild and short-lived discomfort. Dentists, like other doctors, may not be able to guarantee certain results. However, dentists must practice within the appropriate standard of care. If a dentist has deviated from the acceptable standards of dental care, he or she may have committed malpractice.

Severe or long-lasting pain after being treated by a dentist could mean something has gone wrong and that dental malpractice may have occurred. If you or a loved one is experiencing pain and suffering as a result of dental malpractice, it is time to contact a New Jersey dental malpractice attorney to advise you on how to protect your legal rights.

What Is Dental Malpractice?

When it comes to dental treatments, as well as any other medical procedures, the practitioner must follow certain standards of care which are based upon, in part, state regulations and what another dentist of reasonable competence and skill would have done under comparable circumstances in the course of performing a certain procedure or giving similar care. If a dentist deviated from the appropriate standard of care and this resulted in personal injury, then the dentist may be liable for your economic losses and pain and suffering.

Types of Dental Malpractice

  • Dental Surgical Error – the failure of the dentist to follow appropriate standards of dental care during the performance of oral surgery
  • Failure to Diagnose – the failure of the dentist to diagnose a dental condition, or the failure to timely diagnose a dental condition
  • Failure to Timely Treat – the failure of the dentist to timely treat a dental condition, despite diagnosing it in a timely manner
  • Failure to Check Up on Patients – the failure of the dentist to appropriate check up on a patient
  • Failure to Use Proper Techniques – the failure of the dentist to properly a procedure
  • Failure to Refer to a Specialist – the failure of the dentist to refer a patient to a specialist for specialized medical attention

In order to have a dental malpractice case, the malpractice by the dentist must cause new or additional injury.

Injuries arising from Dental Malpractice

These are some of the many potential injuries that can arise out of improper dental care.

  • Death or injury due to improper administration of anesthesia
  • Loss of sense of taste
  • Permanent numbness in the tongue, jaw or other areas of the mouth
  • Structural damage to the jaw, chin, lips or tongue
  • Infections
  • Loss of teeth or bone support
  • Chronic, debilitating pain
  • Unnecessary or improper extractions

New Jersey Dental Malpractice Cases with Merit

At the law firm of Cerussi & Gunn, P.C., we conduct a careful and thorough investigation before taking on a dental malpractice case. This investigation generally consists of:

  • Conducting an initial interview with the prospective client
  • Obtaining and analyzing all pertinent medical records
  • Consulting with dental experts and specialists

Our firm takes pride in only prosecuting malpractice cases that we feel confident are well supported by credible and objective medical evidence. We also make certain that the firm’s reviewing medical experts are board-certified.

At the law firm of Cerussi & Gunn, P.C. we only accept cases in which the harm to the patient resulted in serious personal injury, disability, or untimely death. Our lawyers understand and place a priority on finding out why the medical event occurred and in helping to prevent other potential future acts of dental negligence.

We believe that our cases can change the way doctors practice medicine. We want to make patient safety an important topic and priority. We also know how important it is for the injured person or the family of the decedent to be compensated for pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages.

You can be certain that the law firm of Cerussi & Gunn, P.C. will give you the most comprehensive representation in your dental malpractice case. Our Monmouth County New Jersey office is conveniently located in Shrewsbury, NJ.