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Red Bank Car Accident Attorney

If driving, biking or walking in the Red Bank Borough leads to a harmful auto accident, you may have grounds to bring a claim against one or multiple defendants in pursuit of financial compensation. An accident lawyer from Cerussi & Gunn, P.C. may be able to help you demand a monetary award for your property damages, physical injuries, medical bills and other damages. Our Red Bank car accident attorneys can provide tailored legal advice at no cost upfront. Request your free initial consultation today.

Why Choose Our Car Accident Lawyers?

  • We believe in fighting for overall public safety. When we pursue clients’ individual claims, we are also advocating for safety changes on an institutional level. Our goal is to ultimately achieve fewer victims and injury lawsuits in the community.
  • We are always upfront and honest with our clients. As our client, you will never have to wonder about the status of your claim or your rights as a plaintiff. We will keep you updated about your injury suit 100% of the time.
  • We will do what it takes to obtain full and fair compensation for your injuries. Our attorneys fight hard on behalf of their clients. If your claim needs to go to trial, we can represent you in court in Red Bank.

What Are Your Options After a Car Accident in Red Bank, NJ?

New Jersey’s unique no-fault car insurance law means you may only have the right to file a claim with your own insurance provider after an auto accident. In no-fault states, personal injury protection insurance will cover a policyholder’s damages regardless of fault. If, however, your injuries are severe, you may be able to bring a claim against the at-fault driver in New Jersey instead. A fault-based claim could lead to higher compensation for your damages if you or your lawyer can prove the other party’s negligence and fault. The lawyers at Cerussi & Gunn, P.C. can help you fully understand your rights and options after a car accident in Red Bank Borough.

How Can a Red Bank Car Crash Attorney Help?

An in-depth initial consultation is just the beginning of how our car accident lawyers could help you during an injury claim in Red Bank. We can use our experience, knowledge, resources and professionals to investigate your crash and determine liability. If we believe you have grounds for a third-party claim against a drunk, distracted, negligent or reckless driver, we may offer to represent you during an injury lawsuit. Legal representation at Cerussi & Gunn, P.C. can involve several important services.

  • Honest and accurate review of your claim
  • Information about your rights as an injured crash victim
  • Investigation of your accident
  • Collection of any evidence to prove fault or liability
  • Unbiased opinion of the value of your case
  • Professional negotiations with insurance companies
  • Representation during a trial in Red Bank, if necessary

Auto insurance companies in New Jersey are notorious for trying to dismiss claims and diminish case values during negotiations. Any insurance company, including your own provider, may try tactics such as lowballing values or denying valid claims to avoid paying claimants. Combat these tactics by hiring a lawyer to represent you during negotiations. A lawyer from Cerussi & Gunn, P.C. will know how to deal with claims adjusters in Red Bank.

Contact Us for a Free Car Accident Claim Review in Red Bank, NJ

If you have serious injuries or lost someone close to you in a car accident in Red Bank Borough, New Jersey, please contact us to request a free legal evaluation. Our car accident lawyers respond promptly to calls, emails and online consultation requests. Do not wait – deadlines exist on how long claimants can pursue car accident compensation. Filing in a timely manner with assistance from an attorney could lead to repayment for losses such as medical bills, vehicle repairs, losses of income, and pain and suffering. Discuss your case in detail with our Monmouth County car accident lawyers for free today. Call (732) 936-9920 24/7 to schedule a car accident consultation.