Verdicts & Settlements

44 Year Old Husband Of Four Girls When He Passed Out In A Deli One Morning Before Work.


A $1,950,000.00 settlement for a 44 year old husband of four girls when he passed out in a deli one morning before work. He was emergently taken to a Suffolk County Hospital, where the hospital failed to timely diagnose a hemorrhage. The case was litigated against the hospital and a neurologist who failed to timely initiate TPA (a clot busting medication) and against an internist who tried to manage our client over the phone. This internist mismanaged our client’s blood pressure causing, it was alleged, a worsened stroke outcome. Our client was deprived the opportunity to receive TPA, and further that the mismanagement of our client’s blood pressure led to a worsened stroke outcome. The case was settled at the start of jury selection.