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NJ Motor Vehicle Accident – Bike/Truck Collision


When minor, CL, who was 12 years old at the time, was a bicyclist traveling in the right-hand lane of Route 1 & 9 in Jersey City, New Jersey, he was struck by a motor vehicle. According to an eyewitness, the driving of the motor vehicle was operating his vehicle in the left hand when he attempted to pass another vehicle by moving into the right lane. As he did so, the defendant’s vehicle struck the minor’s bicycle in the rear.

As a result of the impact, CL was thrown from his bicycle. CL sustained a left shoulder dislocation, a left brachial plexus injury, which resulted in paralyses from the left shoulder to the left fingers, a fracture of the fibula and tibia requiring open reduction with internal fixation, and a concussion with open scalp and face wounds and multiple abrasions and friction burns.

Due to his injuries, CL has no use of his left arm, which hangs permanently in a sling, and is unable to perform any activities which requires the use of two arms or two hands.

An expert retained by CL found CL, as a result of his injuries, was unemployable.