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NJ Medical Malpractice – Birth Injury


$9,222,145.60 Structured Settlement – Birth Injury – Obstetricians’ negligence during mother’s labor and delivery.

At the time of the mother’s admission to the hospital the fetus was healthy; however, due to departures from the standards of obstetrical care by the obstetricians taking care of the mother, the mother suffered a ruptured uterus, where the placenta separated from the uterus.

When the placenta completely separates from the uterus, as occurred in this case, the fetus receives no oxygen.

The doctors failed to diagnose the ruptured uterus and failed to timely perform a Cesarean Section, which resulted in complete and prolonged oxygen deprivation to the fetus.

As a result of the negligence of the obstetricians the child suffered severe brain damage, which resulted in severe cognitive and motor deficits.