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61 Year Old Woman Sustained Injury To Her Lower Back


A $502,500.00 settlement for our client, a 61 year old woman who visited an optical center chain to pick up eye glasses. When she attempted to sit on a pedestal stool located within the store, the cushion of the stool fell from the pedestal causing our client to fall to the ground sustained injury to her lower back. Our client previously had back surgery and this injury caused her to have multiple surgical revisions on her back We sued the product manufacturer, the product installer and the optical store. After jury selection, the installer and manufacturer settled for $227,500. The optical store broke off all settlement discussions and the case proceeded to trial in Nassau County against the optical store. Mr. Gunn tried the case to successful conclusion with a jury finding the optical store 80% responsible for the accident. After the verdict, the optical store offered $275,000 to settled the case, which totaled $502,500.