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Menopausal Patient Is Mistakenly Given Testosterone Cream When Progesterone/Estrogen Prescribed


The plaintiff, in her early 50s, who was prescribed Progesterone/Estrogen cream because of menopause, contended that the defendant pharmacy negligently provided testosterone cream, which she applied for a several month period. The plaintiff contended that she developed excess hair growth and this symptom substantially resolved within several months of stopping the medication.

The plaintiff is a professional singer. The plaintiff also contended that because of the testosterone, she suffered an altered voice and that her voice became somewhat “husky.” The plaintiff contended that although this factor substantially resolved as well, she will permanently be unable to reach three notes at the higher end.

The plaintiff is able to continue teaching and works on recordings, making no income claims. The defendant contended that the injuries all resolved.

The case settled prior to trial for $450,000.

Plaintiff’s otolaryngology expert: Michael S. Goldrich, M.D. from New Brunswick, NJ.
T.H.M. v. A.D. & N., et. al. Docket No. HUD-L-5009-10, 10/12
Attorney for plaintiff: David J. Pierguidi of Cerussi & Gunn, P.C. in Shrewsbury, NJ.