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Motor Vehicle Collision


The plaintiff driver contended that the defendant driver negligently failed to stop at a red light causing the collision. The plaintiff contended that she sustained a tear of the medial meniscus that will continue to cause pain and some difficulties ambulating despite arthroscopic intervention and injection. The defendant denied that the plaintiff sustained permanent injury in the collision or that she met the verbal threshold.

The plaintiff also maintained that she sustained two cervical bulges and a lumbar herniation that were confirmed by MRI, as well as cervical radiculopathy that was confirmed by EMG. The plaintiff contended that the disc injuries will cause permanent symptoms despite conservative care. There was no evidence that disc surgery will be indicated. The plaintiff made no income claims.

The case settled prior to trial for $150,000.

Plaintiff’s chiropractic expert: Chris Simpson, DC in Barnegat, NJ. Plaintiff’s orthopedic expert: Charles Rizio, M.D. in Verona, NJ. Plaintiff’s pain management expert: Scott Woska, M.D. in Lakewood, NJ.
R.S. v. E.R. Docket no. OCN-L-1871-10, 4/12.
Attorney for plaintiff: Charles A. Cerussi of Cerussi & Gunn, P.C. in Shrewsbury, NJ.