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Motor Vehicle Negligence In A Single Vehicle Collision Where The Defendant Driver Lost Control And Struck A Tree


The Defendant driver had a combined, single limit $300,000 policy in this case involving three passengers and this article delves into the the damages cases of two of the plaintiffs, who were brother and sister. The liability aspect reflected that the defendant lost control and struck a tree. The plaintiff brother contended that he suffered a fracture-dislocation at L1-L2, a left sided L1 transverse process fracture, a right sided L2 transverse process fracture and required a posterior spinal fusion at L1-L3. This plaintiff also maintained that he suffered a displaced nasal fracture that was treated with a closed reduction. The plaintiff further contended that the suffered a closed head injury and loss of consciousness, was left with cognitive deficits involving memory and concentration and which are permanent in nature.

The plaintiff passenger/sister contended that she suffered soft tissue injuries to the cervical, lumbar and shoulder areas and will suffer permanent pain and restriction. Neither plaintiff made income claims.

The case settled prior to trial for $232,642 to the male plaintiff and $16,942 to the female plaintiff.

M.R. v. S.B. Docket no. MON-L-6322-09. 04-12
Attorney for plaintiff: Charles A. Cerussi of Cerussi & Gunn, P.C. in Shrewsbury, NJ.